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Lancaster, NH

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Lancaster, NH

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Bob Weis's original Coupe Snowmobile in Townsend, MA

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The Macica's - Big Red

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Doug Sanford churning up some snow

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Osippee, NH National Meet 2005

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Bob Weis's Snowmobile at Sugar Shack in Thornton

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Terry Light at Forest Park, NY Meet

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Lancaster , NH Meet

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At King Farm - Townsend, MA

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Windy Day in Townsend, MA

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Snowmobiles in Townsend, Massachusetts

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Church Supper at Thornton, NH Meet

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Lombard Log Hauler and Linwood Dall's Snowmobile in Thornton, NH

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Chilly Sunset - Thornton, NH

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Bob Weis's Snowmobile being loaded by Brian Barden in Thornton, NH

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Steamimg over in Thornton NH at the Sugar Shack

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Line Up in at King Farm in Townsend, Massachusetts

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Bill Clough in the Snow Flyer at the Sugar Shack - Thornton, NH

PastMeets20.jpg (35723 bytes)

Harvey Price's & Doug Hauge's  Snowmobiles in Townsend, MA