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YouTube Video - Regional Meet in New London, NH

09NewLondonDsc06503.jpg (129300 bytes)

Pete Lauridsen's TT Truck C-Cab Snowmobile

09NewLondonDsc06500.jpg (116463 bytes)

Snowmobile parking area

09NewLondonDsc06504.jpg (134518 bytes)

1921 Model T Cordwood Saw

09NewLondonDsc06495.jpg (126231 bytes)

Snowmobile from the "Haul of Fame Truck Museum" in Connecticut

09NewLondonDsc06501.jpg (140914 bytes)

Some of the Historical Society's Old New London Village Buildings

09NewLondonDsc06515.jpg (107076 bytes)

Snowmobiles with the Village Meeting House in the background

09NewLondonDsc06519.jpg (150113 bytes)

Pete Lauridsen giving some rides

09NewLondonDsc06521.jpg (154769 bytes)

David Hiltz's Coupe.

09NewLondonDsc06522.jpg (147753 bytes)

"The Basics"

09NewLondonDsc06524.jpg (142232 bytes)

Pete Lauridsen firing up the tractor

09NewLondonDsc06537.jpg (132511 bytes)

Making an adjustment

09NewLondonDsc06538.jpg (122978 bytes)

Richard Shores' Snowmobile

09NewLondonDsc06570.jpg (135227 bytes)

Lenny Smith brought the 1923 US Mail Snowmobile

09NewLondonDsc06573.jpg (142648 bytes)

US Mail Snowmobile's unusual tracks

09NewLondonDsc06575.jpg (101355 bytes)

US Mail Snowmobile interior

09NewLondonDsc06583.jpg (123354 bytes)

Pete Lauridsen's Snowmobile

09NewLondonDsc06584.jpg (109328 bytes)

Bob Weis's Snowmobile

09NewLondonDsc06604.jpg (126344 bytes)

Richard Shore giving a group ride

09NewLondonDsc06622.jpg (134970 bytes)

Wayne Campbell's Snowmobile from Millenocket, Maine

09NewLondonDsc06628.jpg (125922 bytes)

Passenger's View

09NewLondonDsc06632.jpg (126483 bytes)

Bill Harper drove 50 miles from Keene, NH in his 1914 Touring

09NewLondonDsc06660.jpg (127077 bytes)

Rear view of C-Cab Snowmobile

09NewLondonDsc06661.jpg (119944 bytes)

Antique Plate

09NewLondonDsc06664.jpg (125268 bytes)

Brian Moriarty's manifold cooker with Hot Dogs & Sauerkraut

09NewLondonDsc06666.jpg (85192 bytes)

Sandy Gibson's TT Truck Snowmobile

09NewLondonDsc06667.jpg (117846 bytes)

Group of Snowmobiles in the ride staging area