09MeredithDsc06069cp.jpg (162825 bytes)

YouTube Video - National Meet in Meredith, New Hampshire

09MeredithDsc05951.jpg (129292 bytes)

Snowcars of NH - nicely restored Model A Truck

09MeredithDsc05953.jpg (107100 bytes)

Doug Sanford's giving rides

09MeredithDsc05955.jpg (108851 bytes)

Nicely restored TT Truck Snowmobile

09MeredithDsc05956.jpg (111671 bytes)

Waiting for a ride

09MeredithDsc05957.jpg (127463 bytes)

Giving rides

09MeredithDsc05962.jpg (117156 bytes)

Part of the spectator crowd

09MeredithDsc05968.jpg (113245 bytes)

Steve Rosen's TT Truck Snowmobile

09MeredithDsc06078.jpg (127900 bytes)

Bill Harper drove his 1914 Model T Touring to the meet from Keene, NH with the top down, a roundtrip distance of about 200 miles without any problems.

09MeredithDsc05988.jpg (130198 bytes)

"T Model Lenny's" Snowmobile

09MeredithDsc05993.jpg (83988 bytes)

Display of reproduction parts by Brian Moriarty - Snowcars of NH

09MeredithDsc06001.jpg (128438 bytes)

Part of the crowd viewing snowmobiles

09MeredithDsc06011.jpg (110919 bytes)

Sandy Gibson's TT Truck Snowmobile

09MeredithDsc06019.jpg (126178 bytes)

Snowmobiles in the field at Moulton Farm

09MeredithDsc06021.jpg (105953 bytes)

Brian Moriarty's 30 Model A Snowmobile

09MeredithDsc06031.jpg (153426 bytes)

A beautiful  day - but a bit of wind

09MeredithDsc06053.jpg (154989 bytes)

Lining up for a group photograph

09MeredithDsc06059.jpg (135277 bytes)

W.W.II vintage Eliason Snow Toboggan with original Indian Scout engine

09MeredithDsc06114.jpg (111409 bytes)

Dave Hiltz giving a ride in his Model T Coupe Snowmobile

09MeredithDsc06126.jpg (129322 bytes)

Bob Weis's Snowmobile

09MeredithDsc06148.jpg (88208 bytes)

Bob Houses near the Meredith Town Docks at the end of the day on Saturday

09MeredithDsc06164.jpg (130713 bytes)

Broken Track on the Model A Pickup

09MeredithDsc06165.jpg (120897 bytes)

Brian Moriarty & Ernie Ballard repairing the track

09MeredithDsc06184.jpg (134526 bytes)

Wayne Campbell's nicely restored Model T Snowmobile

09MeredithDsc06216.jpg (91127 bytes)

Sunday was the second beautiful day in a row

09MeredithDsc06233.jpg (97829 bytes)

Doug Sanford - jack of all trades

09MeredithDsc06237.jpg (134701 bytes)

Lunch - Hot Dogs cooked on the Manifold Cookers

09MeredithDsc06238.jpg (124625 bytes)

Young Mr. Ballard waiting to drive or ride

09MeredithDsc06246.jpg (100962 bytes)

Brian Barden giving a ride

09MeredithDsc06247.jpg (101070 bytes)

The Long and the Short

09MeredithDsc06252.jpg (110852 bytes)

Doug Sanford giving a ride

09MeredithDsc06254.jpg (135436 bytes)

Looking for some new trails

09MeredithDsc06255.jpg (139407 bytes)

Off for a Ride accross the road