08TownsendDsc07201cp.jpg (151790 bytes)
08TownsendDsc07243.jpg (85922 bytes)

Riding in the field

08TownsendDsc07221.jpg (107889 bytes)

Pete Lauridsen's Snowmobile

08TownsendDsc07208.jpg (118654 bytes)

Ruxtell and Warford Transmissions

08TownsendDsc07210.jpg (125379 bytes)

Worm Drive Ruxtell 2 Speed Rear Axle

08TownsendDsc07211.jpg (128408 bytes)

Early style belted tracks

08TownsendDsc07213.jpg (125645 bytes)

Chains prevent track slippage

08TownsendDsc07258.jpg (96528 bytes)

Pete Lauridsen giving some rides

08TownsendDsc07202.jpg (92671 bytes)

Front view

08TownsendDsc07175.jpg (98798 bytes)

Bob Weis in his T that was a Snowmobile from new

08TownsendDsc07162.jpg (105548 bytes)

Barbara Woods - taking names - collecting dues - selling merchandise - accepting donations - and collecting information for the Snowmobile 'T"imes

08TownsendDsc07250.jpg (102693 bytes)

Ray Foley's 1923 Mail Truck Minnesota

08TownsendDsc07231.jpg (86458 bytes)

Dave Hiltz's 22 Coupe

08TownsendDsc07259.jpg (96668 bytes)

Bob Pike' Model T - No Skis or tracks needed

08TownsendDsc07240.jpg (116524 bytes)

Dave Hiltz and grandson

08TownsendDsc07160.jpg (108905 bytes)

Bright Red Model T Snowmobile co-owned by David  McWalters & Al Hovagimian

08TownsendDsc07264.jpg (141755 bytes)

Part of the field

08TownsendDsc07190.jpg (79210 bytes)

Dave Hiltz giving rides

08TownsendDsc07184.jpg (98316 bytes)

Lenny Smith's heavy duty coupe snowmobile

08TownsendDsc07180.jpg (109565 bytes)

Ray Foley's Model A Truck Conversion

08TownsendDsc07177.jpg (87761 bytes)

Sandy Gibson's TT Truck

08TownsendDsc07159.jpg (100389 bytes)

Rick Power's Model A Snowmobile

08TownsendDsc07284.jpg (125585 bytes)

Our entertainer Gibby Lash's Model A

08TownsendDsc07249.jpg (124657 bytes)

Ready to load at the end of the day

08TownsendDsc07287.jpg (106476 bytes)

Heading home in a T Pickup