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YouTube video of the 2008 Meredith Regional Meet.  Rain earlier in the week, and warm temperatures, made the heavy snow pack like wet cement.

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Pete Curtis entering the field

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Snowmobile in front of the Moulton Farm House

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Traveling through the field

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Model T Snowmobile

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Rick Poswer's Model A Ford Snowmobile

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Taking a rest

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Peter Curtis's Model T Snowmobile

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Doug Sanford's Model TT Snowmobile

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Dave Hiltz's 22 Model T Coupe Snowmobile

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Snowmobiles in front of the Moulton Farm

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Model A Ford Snowmobile bogged down in the wet snow

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Reproduction Parts for Sale

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1922 Snowmobile interior

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Barbara Woods & Priscilla Smith gathering facts for the Snowmobile Times

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Talking it over

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Brian Moriarty's 22 Model T Snowmobile

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Scott McWilliam's Snowmobile

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Mark Winkley and David Hiltz

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Giving rides as the clouds start to break

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Make a Wish Foundation of NH representatives

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Stuck in the wet snow

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End of day waiting to be loaded