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08LakeGeorgeDsc06764.jpg (133789 bytes)

The meet's host resort Roaring Brook in Lake George, NY

08LakeGeorgeDsc06814.jpg (85342 bytes)

Beautiful Lake George

08LakeGeorgeDsc06849.jpg (104026 bytes)

Unloading area at Roaring Brook Lodge

08LakeGeorgeDsc06877.jpg (111312 bytes)

The Stewart's Snowmobile Saturday at Million Dollar Beach

08LakeGeorgeDsc06885.jpg (90470 bytes)

Pick your favorite wheel color

08LakeGeorgeDsc06878.jpg (106970 bytes)

The Ballard's unloading their Snowmobile

08LakeGeorgeDsc06883.jpg (95243 bytes)

Combination Ski & Wheel

08LakeGeorgeDsc06895.jpg (95578 bytes)

Dave & Diane Schantz in their Snowmobile

08LakeGeorgeDsc06901.jpg (122169 bytes)

John & Joan Maxam busy setting up and selling Snowmobile Club Merchandise

08LakeGeorgeDsc06902.jpg (119657 bytes)

Snowmobile staging area for rides

08LakeGeorgeDsc06911.jpg (112594 bytes)


08LakeGeorgeDsc06933.jpg (122588 bytes)

Bill Clough's Snow Flyer

08LakeGeorgeDsc06934.jpg (131055 bytes)

Never too young for a driving lesson

08LakeGeorgeDsc06938.jpg (112744 bytes)

All Model T's - All Different

08LakeGeorgeDsc06939.jpg (114866 bytes)

Scott MacWillams's early snowmobile

08LakeGeorgeDsc06951.jpg (140643 bytes)

Snowmobiliers lunch provided by Dave & Bobbie Hiltz & other volunteers

08LakeGeorgeDsc06952.jpg (123145 bytes)

Early Style Belted Tracks

08LakeGeorgeDsc06953.jpg (115866 bytes)

Another Photo of the Early Style Tracks

08LakeGeorgeDsc06954.jpg (101700 bytes)

Early Style Ski

08LakeGeorgeDsc06959.jpg (112974 bytes)

The Stewart's Snowmobile

08LakeGeorgeDsc06960.jpg (102144 bytes)

Brian Moriarty's Snowmobile

08LakeGeorgeDsc06981.jpg (114357 bytes)

Lining up for a group photograph

08LakeGeorgeDsc06984.jpg (127027 bytes)
08LakeGeorgeDsc06985.jpg (109288 bytes)
08LakeGeorgeDsc06996.jpg (118328 bytes)
08LakeGeorgeDsc06997.jpg (130491 bytes)

Mary Sanford

08LakeGeorgeDsc07021.jpg (106083 bytes)

Variations of Skis and Spindles

08LakeGeorgeDsc07030.jpg (214172 bytes)


08LakeGeorgeDsc07117.jpg (116870 bytes)

Sunday Morning Snow

08LakeGeorgeDsc00929.jpg (118750 bytes)

Sunday - Heading up Prospect Mountain - Lake George, NY

08LakeGeorgeDsc00930.jpg (127532 bytes)

Riding the traill

08LakeGeorgeDsc00932.jpg (91481 bytes)

Through the woods

08LakeGeorgeDsc00933.jpg (132554 bytes)

Taking a Break

08LakeGeorgeDsc00936.jpg (68905 bytes)

Down the Mountain Road

08LakeGeorgeDsc00941.jpg (100519 bytes)

The Ballard Family

08LakeGeorgeDsc00944.jpg (91585 bytes)

Doug and Mary Sanford