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Townsend2007003.JPG (53626 bytes)

Mark Winkley- Dean of Model T Snowmobilers

Townsend2007000.JPG (45901 bytes)

Lenny Smith's US Mail Snowmobile from Minnesota

Townsend2007002.JPG (42067 bytes)

Marty Boutwell's Snowmobile

Townsend2007005.JPG (50574 bytes)

Bob Weis's 1926 Ossipee Snowmobile Type A 44 Special

Townsend2007007.JPG (51469 bytes)

Sandy Gibson's Model TT Truck Snowmobile

Townsend2007009.JPG (45381 bytes)

Ray Foley's Model A Ford Snowmobile Fire Truck

Townsend2007011.JPG (37070 bytes)

Mark Winkley by the front wheel of Dave Hiltz's Snowmobile Coupe

Townsend2007013.JPG (41178 bytes)

No need for Skis this year

Townsend2007015.JPG (36587 bytes)

Mark Winkley and Bob Weis heading out for a ride

Townsend2007017.JPG (36846 bytes)

Part of the crowd getting warm and eating in the King Farm Barn

Townsend2007021.JPG (40398 bytes)

Rick Hetherington displaying a restored Model T wheel with a TT hub

Townsend2007025.JPG (43965 bytes)

Bill Harper & passenger drove approximately 35 mi. from Keene, NH to the meet

Townsend2007027.JPG (44048 bytes)

Brian Barden out for a run in Bob Weis's 26 Snowmobile

Townsend2007029.JPG (41314 bytes)

Looking for a patch of snow

Townsend2007031.JPG (38426 bytes)

Richard Shores' TT Truck Snowmobile

Townsend2007032.JPG (48788 bytes)

Richard Shores brought his own snow to the meet

Townsend2007033.JPG (37771 bytes)

Two Snowmobiles on their trailers

Townsend2007035.JPG (36532 bytes)

Heading home

Townsend2007037.JPG (42195 bytes)

Heading back to Keene, NH in a 1914 Model T Touring