07Thornton000.jpg (43502 bytes)


07Thornton010.jpg (35585 bytes)

Getting ready to put the Skis on Brian Moriarty's Roadster

07Thornton020.jpg (37793 bytes)

Steve Rosen's 1924 Ford Model TT Truck based Snowmobile

07Thornton030.jpg (44959 bytes)

Front view of Steve's Snowmobile

07Thornton040.jpg (42047 bytes)

New Hampshire "Antique OHRV" license plate

07Thornton050.jpg (37091 bytes)

Bob Weis's 1926 Snowmobile just off the trailer

07Thornton060.jpg (42287 bytes)

Rober Weis & Brian Barden putting the Skis on the Snowmobile

07Thornton070.jpg (26252 bytes)

Dave Hiltz's 1922 Snowmobile Coupe

07Thornton080.jpg (36026 bytes)

Front view of the 1922 Model T Ford Coupe

07Thornton090.jpg (44352 bytes)

Stephen and Tricia Rosen heading out for their first run of the day

07Thornton100.jpg (34419 bytes)

Buzz Baker getting ready to unload his 1924 Snowmobile

07Thornton110.jpg (29474 bytes)

Is the Devil trying to tell us that it is hot down below?

07Thornton114.jpg (35692 bytes)

One of the few warm things in Thornton, NH.

07Thornton120.jpg (34201 bytes)

Rick Tower in his 1930 Model A Ford Snowmobile

07Thornton130.jpg (37786 bytes)

22 Coupe and 26 Roadster

07Thornton140.jpg (39740 bytes)

Snow covered Barbara Woods after a run in the Model A

07Thornton150.jpg (52372 bytes)

Two snowmobiles stuck in a deceptive snow drift

07Thornton160.jpg (45239 bytes)

Tow rope is ready

07Thornton170.jpg (41991 bytes)

Trying to power though the snow drift

07Thornton180.jpg (39112 bytes)

Sunny day but cold & windy

07Thornton190.jpg (40449 bytes)

Taking a break

07Thornton200.jpg (40830 bytes)

Brian Moriarty's sample of an early Ossipee canvas track

07Thornton220.jpg (36177 bytes)

Four of the seven Snowmobiles at the Meet

07Thornton230.jpg (38110 bytes)

Sandy Gibson's Model TT Truck Snowmobile

07Thornton240.jpg (34039 bytes)

Dave Hiltz's grandson helping to put the skis back on

07Thornton250.jpg (27274 bytes)

Dave giving his grandson a ride

07Thornton270.jpg (44226 bytes)

Getting ready to load up at the end of the day

07Thornton280.jpg (42372 bytes)

Heading home