DSC08563CPSM.JPG (41154 bytes)
DSC08496.JPG (27174 bytes)

Brian Moriarty unloading on Friday February 2, 2007

DSC08500.JPG (27509 bytes)

Frank & Karil Piskur's -   Ossipee Snowmobile with narrow track

DSC08514.JPG (34739 bytes)

Bill & Betty Clough's Snow Flyer

DSC08515.JPG (35379 bytes)

Model A Ford Fire Truck Snowmobile - Ray Foley

DSC08517.JPG (32248 bytes)

Snowmobiles at dusk in the Roaring Brook Ranch parking lot

DSC08527.JPG (39705 bytes)

Reproduction Snowmobile parts on display - manufactured  by Bill Clough

DSC08531.JPG (46232 bytes)

Minnesota US Mail Snowmobile brought by Lennie Smith - owned by Ray Foley

DSC08536.JPG (58901 bytes)

Brian Moriarty's rig ready to head out to the Lake on Saturday morning

DSC08547.JPG (38541 bytes)

The Piskur's narrow track Ossipee Snowmobile

DSC08553.JPG (57249 bytes)

Adjusting the tension on the belted tracks

DSC08554.JPG (52008 bytes)

Putting the tracks back on Scott McWilliam's beautiful early Snowmobile

DSC08557.JPG (44961 bytes)

Terry Light's Snow Bird

DSC08558.JPG (39241 bytes)

Bill Clough's Snow Flyer

DSC08561.JPG (34917 bytes)

Doug & Mary Sanford's Snowmobile

DSC08562.JPG (43399 bytes)


DSC08563.JPG (45897 bytes)

Karil & Frank Piskur's Snowmobile

DSC08574.JPG (38663 bytes)

Bill Clough's Snow Flyer in the beach parking lot

DSC08594.JPG (64303 bytes)

Greg Stewart and Ginger Hardeman in the Snow Flyer

DSC08600.JPG (45885 bytes)

Barbara Woods interviewing Scott McWilliam for the Snowmobile 'T'imes

DSC08605.JPG (47699 bytes)

Scott McWilliam's newly completed T Snowmobile from a pre-production kit

DSC08609.JPG (52116 bytes)

Doug Sanford's Snowmobile with a cold passenger in the rumble seat

DSC08612.JPG (41940 bytes)

Doug Hague's Snowmobile which must be at the top of the list
in number of rides given

DSC08617.JPG (48594 bytes)

Bobbie & Dave Hiltz standing by Terry Light's Snow Bird

DSC08620.JPG (46642 bytes)

Ernie & Mary Ballard's family with their Snowmobile

DSC08623.JPG (46103 bytes)

CJ's driving lesson

DSC08624.JPG (46471 bytes)

At the beach parking lot

DSC08654.JPG (42728 bytes)

Doug Hague cooking Sauerkraut & Hot Dogs on a manifold cooker

DSC08659.JPG (40196 bytes)

Brian Moriarty getting ready to load at the end of the day

DSC08664.JPG (48105 bytes)

Bill Clough's Snow Bird loaded up at the end of the day

DSC08695.JPG (43265 bytes)

Dave Hiltz presenting a plaque to Lennie Smith at the Dinner Meeting